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Puppy Training Program - Jack by Canidae-Mayhem Puppy Training Program - Jack by Canidae-Mayhem
When it came down to it, we had been working very diligently with little Jack, as he was the spitting image of our well-known and first stud, Darün. Crossfire Hurricane was no joke -- he was a spitfire with a lot of drive and will to obey. We were very eager to get him into trials and competition as he had more promise than his father did at this age.

Come when Called Middle drawing
The first task that the pair was put to was a "come when called"; easy enough. They were given some time to get distracted in their surrouding, and they directed for his name to be called. "Jack." Juinevere's tone was flat, and unexcited. The little rusty Doberman's ears parked up, and he turned his head; looking for affirmation in eye contact. As soon as he knew that "Jack" was for him, he came proudly trotting back to his handler. Task completed.

Stay Last drawing
Out of a heel, the next task was a stay. Juinevere was short in words with this task; a simple "sit" would suffice for this boy, as he normally get quite antsy in a down. "Stay"; his posture sunk back into the sit, knowing that he may not be 'allowed' to move again for some time. Juinevere turned about and left the room, out of sight to her canine progeny. Jack kept his eyes on the place where he had last saw his handler go out of sight. Within a few short minutes, she retured and came to little Jack. A giant "yes!" came from Juinevere, releasing the young pup.

Food and Toy Acceptance First drawing
One of the later tasks was to allow for petting during a feeding and his handler to take away the bowl. Juinevere had brought a hefty ration of food for Jack, telling him to "sit" and "wait" before pouring the content of the baggie in the silver stainless bowl. The dry food rattled against the metal bowl; Jack tilted his head but remained sitting.
"Yes!" Jack immediately went to work at the bowl; within a few seconds, Juinevere walked over and gave him a few pats and one long spine-length ruffle. No noises, Jack lifted his head to his handler. "Sit", Jack was a little hesitant but sat. He looked on as his handler took the bowl right out from before him. No fuss.

For the puppy training program with %Kennel-Club
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Braemoor Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013
Aww :3
ariieve Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this! Dobies are very close to my heart, my extended family has had them for as long as I can remember.
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I love seeing more dobermans. Makes me excited to use my Helena. 
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